One year ago today, the Deseret News published a story about a potential threat to the fertility of American men.

And "some of the conveniences of modern life could be to blame," wrote Jennifer Graham.

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According to Graham's article, published April 11, 2017, studies have shown a drop in the sperm count of young men from previous years as well as sperm being deformed or misshapen. Up to 90 percent of sperm studied was deformed or misshapen, according to the article.

Many researchers believe that endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or EDCs, are at the root of reproductive problems, and that they contribute to breast cancer, early puberty and other health issues.

These chemicals are found in pesticides, personal care products and flame retardants, and are even found in the packaging of food and drinks. EDCs can also be inhaled from electronics, vinyl shower curtains and faux-leather furniture.

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