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Letter to the editor

I love Holladay. I’ve lived here 14 years, my wife grew up here, we’ve raised five kids here and I want to see this city thrive.

The new proposal to redevelop the former Cottonwood Mall site by Woodbury Corporation and Ivory Homes is one of our last chances to bring energy and young families back to our community. The approach will never be perfect for everyone, but I think the revised approach is excellent, and I have not seen or heard any other plan that is better.

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I believe we have been missing a piece to the puzzle that the Cottonwood Mall gave us — restaurants, retail and entertainment in our neighborhood. Recently, it has been so exciting to have Harmons open. It has brought life to our city, along with Holladay Village. It’s so nice to be able to gather my family, get a bite to eat and spend my dollars in Holladay. Just think of what a development the size of the one Ivory/Woodbury is proposing will bring to our city — the income tax, the excitement, the options.

I urge the City Council to approve this new plan — it will bring increased and renewed energy and vitality to our city. It’s time for the dust bowl to go.

Bob Nilsen