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Jerry Brown's absurd focus on coffee, while giving sanctuary cities and convicted illegal immigrants clemency, is reminiscent of the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 tragedy. The flight crew had over 51,200 flight hours experience, and the aircraft was only four months old. According to Wikipedia, "The crash occurred while the entire flight crew was preoccupied with a burned-out landing gear indicator light. They failed to notice that the autopilot had inadvertently been disconnected and, as a result, the aircraft lost altitude and crashed. It was the first crash of a wide-body aircraft and, at the time, the second-deadliest single-aircraft disaster in the U.S."

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California is reaping cultural and financial disaster from liberal politicians who defiantly revolt against federal law and deliberately endanger its law-abiding citizens. Figuratively speaking, liberals consistently "fiddle with trivial lights" while California's quality of life is "losing altitude." If California citizens hope to avert continued "cultural and fiscal" catastrophe, they must eject and dethrone the current "liberal flight crew" in the upcoming elections.

Stephen Carter