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According to the Utah state driver’s manual, 35 percent of deaths on Utah roads occurred because of a failure to keep in the proper lane. While we all see the importance of making sure we safely change lanes, we as drivers often overlook safety when we turn into whatever lane we want at a traffic light. It is actually a law that when turning left or right you need to turn into the lane closest to you. It’s also a law that could potentially save your life.

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As the population increases and the amount of vehicles on the road increases, there is a greater need for Utah drivers to take more opportunities to drive safely. I understand the want and desire to turn into a far lane when you’re turning onto a road and have to cross four lanes of traffic to get to the grocery store; however, with the increasing number of cars on Utah roads, it is becoming more and more essential to turn safely into the proper lane. This simple task will improve the quality of Utah drivers and perhaps lessen the opinion that “Utahns are bad at driving.”

Turning into the correct lane was important enough in the past that it became a law. When we drive on the road, we have to make the decision for ourselves whether or not we are going to turn correctly or take shortcuts: shortcuts that could prove to be fatally tragic.

Adam Vaughn