Audrey McAvoy, AP
A Hawaiian canoe is seen next to a lazy river swimming pool at Aulani, Disney's resort in Kapolei, Hawaii on Aug. 31, 2012. Many Hawaii resorts are edging away from kitschy marketing inventions and are instead turning to Hawaii's actual rich traditions to make trips special for travelers. (AP Photo/Audrey McAvoy)

Disney’s hidden treasure may be a Hawaiian paradise.

Writer Arthur Levine recently penned a review for USA Todayof Disney’s Aulani Hawaii resort, a hidden getaway that ignores many of the tropes and cliches that are seen at traditional Disney theme parks.

The island resort is less about the thematic Disney characters and more about offering visitors a unique, pleasant experience.

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“It is not a theme park, per se, but a highly themed family resort and spa where the theme is the Hawaiian Islands. Rather than conjuring lands and attractions to immerse visitors in whimsical places and experiences, Aulani anchors them in the place they came to visit,” Levine wrote.

The resort is located in Ko Olina on the island of Oahu, which helps it avoid the main thrust of tourism in Honolulu, Levine wrote.

The resort contains a Four Seasons and a Marriott hotel, along with several beaches to spend your vacation.

And it’s a perfect place for families, as children from 3 to 12 years old have their own clubhouse at Aunty’s Beach House. Children can stay at the beach house while parents visit a nearby spa.

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