Laura Seitz
FILE - Law enforcement and fire officials convene at a scene where two officers and one suspect were injured at a Chevron Top Stop in Kaysville on Thursday, April 5, 2018.

KAYSVILLE — Kaysville police officials identified four officers who were burned in Thursday's incident where they tried to stop a suicidal man from lighting himself on fire, and noted that all are recovering.

"We are pleased to announce that Sergeant Shawn McKinnon and Officer Lacy Turner, who received minor burns in the fire on April 5, 2018, are back to full duty," the department posted on its Facebook page.

The statement went on to say that officer Cade Bradshaw, who received more severe burns, is home recuperating with his family, and that officer Robert Jackson is recovering from his injuries in University of Utah Hospital.

Police were called to Chevron Top Stop, 320 W. 200 North, after a man purchased a gas can, went outside to fill it up, then returned to the store, doused himself with the gasoline and threatened to light it.

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For the man's safety and the protection of other customers and employees in the store, the officers went "hands on" to try and get the lighter away from him, Kaysville Police Chief Solomon Oberg said after the incident.

"The officers were trying to knock the lighter out of his hands and secure his hands,” he said. Jackson slipped and fell, getting gas on his uniform, which caught fire when the lighter sparked.

The man who allegedly lit the fire, Tyler Ivison, also remains in the hospital with severe burns.