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Mike DeBernardo, Deseret News
A Woods Cross family shared their gratitude on Friday, April 6, 2018, for the neighbors who reported a fire at their home and the first responders who rescued eight puppies from the garage.

WOODS CROSS — A family expressed gratitude Friday for a watchful neighbor and the speedy response from firefighters and police that saved their eight puppies from a garage fire.

"We are super lucky to have these babies with us still," said Allison Peterson.

On Monday — as Peterson was away on Spring Break with her children and while her husband, Cary, was at work — smoke started to billow from their house.

"It was actually the heat lamp that was keeping the puppies warm (that) caught the tarp on fire," Peterson said she later learned from firefighters.

The next-door neighbor investigated to make sure nobody was inside the house, and then called 911.

Woods Cross police officer Travis Timothy and a crew from South Davis Metro Fire quickly arrived on scene.

Timothy said firefighters entered through the front and doused the flames as he came in through the side door to the garage.

"Their whiskers were singed, that's how close it was," Timothy said.

Once the fire was out, the puppies rushed to Timothy. "They all were around my feet and cuddled up next to me trying to stay warm," he said.

Timothy said if crews had arrived just a few minutes later, the outcome may have been far different.

"(The puppies) were in a fenced-off area," Timothy explained. "Next to the fenced-off area were four gas canisters, so it could have been a totally different call. I think a couple more minutes (and it) could have been not a rescue mission, it could have just been a house fire."

The puppies' mother, a golden doodle named Lola, was around the back of the house when firefighters arrived and was visibly appreciative, Timothy said.

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"She started wagging her tail," Timothy said. "I remember her coming up to me, licking my hands like she was trying to say 'thank you.'"

Peterson, who breeds dogs, offered a thank you of her own on Friday for the first responders and neighbors who helped rescue the month-old puppies.

"We are very grateful that they are awesome neighbors, and we're glad they're next to us, because they saved our babies and so did the officer," Peterson said. "Yeah, we had someone looking over them, for sure."