Deseret News
Letter to the editor

We have decided that driving here in the valley is dangerous for one really big reason (and we are not talking of the potholes or manhole covers that aren’t installed evenly with the roadbed or the people that are always in a rush and are always dashing about). The safety reason is we need the lines painted so we can see which lane we are supposed to be driving in.

I complained of this to a fellow motorist and he said, “Just follow the car ahead and hope he does well, or you're both in trouble.” I don’t think that was the best advice I have ever received. Lines that have become barely visible make things even dicier when it rains or snows. If you want to help keep us safe, please repaint the lines on the roads, which have become very faded, so we can see where we should be driving. It really would be appreciated.

Marilyn Godfrey

Salt Lake City