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In Utah, I need a license for my bike, but not for my gun. I need this license so that if my bike gets stolen, it can be returned to me. But what if my gun gets stolen? The outcome of this theft would likely be much more consequential, and I don’t think my gun would make it home.

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That gun could be used to threaten or harm others. That stolen gun could be resold to someone, and this sale would not require a background check. I would miss my bike if it was stolen, but I would not worry that it might kill somebody. Requiring gun registration and universal background checks would not take away our freedom to own firearms. Strengthening laws that require adults to safely store firearms to help prevent theft, suicide and accidental injuries, especially in children, would not take away our freedom to own firearms. In fact, requiring gun registration, universal background checks, safe gun storage laws and banning assault rifles would protect our right to live.

If we did not have an epidemic of gun violence in this country, we may not need stricter gun laws. If we did not have tens of thousands of gun-related deaths and injuries in 2017 alone, we may not need stricter gun laws. Think of these laws as vaccinations to help prevent gun violence. Let’s fight this disease together. Let’s save lives. Please support commonsense gun laws.

Claudia Fruin

Salt Lake City