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On the occasion of my child's 18th birthday, it is a time of reflection and hope. Parents want everything for their children and do their very best to provide for them. We wish for their safety and well-being, particularly as they leave the circle of safety that parents draw around them. I hope we have prepared our child, but I know for sure that in one area I have failed him.

We are sending our son out into a world with an unstable climate. We really do not know what lies ahead. Will there be enough water for him and the family he may one day have? Will there be a stable food supply as growing regions shift and population grows? Will the world destabilize further as climate refugees are forced to move to places that may not welcome them? Will my child be OK when I am gone? These are haunting questions.

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And so I ask myself, my leaders and my fellow humans, please, let's take action. We are doing some good, but we need to do more and we have opportunities. A greener economy can bring jobs that will help people and stabilize our earth. We can use our big brains to engineer solutions, but we must not obstruct them. "Carbon Fee and Dividend," as proposed by the Citizens Climate Lobby, a bipartisan organization working for all people, is a viable option. There are solutions, and we must pursue them for our children who need a planet that can sustain them.

Liz Haigh