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Letter to the editor

David Rothbard and Craig Rucker’s misleading piece, “Are you paying for your neighbor’s Tesla?” (March 29), seeks to obscure the benefits that electric vehicles provide to Utahns and to our nation.

Most importantly, EVs have zero tailpipe emissions. Even EVs powered by fossil fuels versus renewable energy still dramatically reduce emissions compared with gasoline vehicles. Now with wind and solar prices rapidly falling, our electricity supply will only get cleaner, making EVs even cleaner.

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That’s why the recent Point of the Mountain Phase II report says that electric vehicle adoption is the most important factor in meeting Utah’s air quality goals. And while EVs often have a higher sticker price, battery prices (the main driver of EV prices) have decreased by 80 percent since 2010, a trend we expect to continue. That means lower-cost EVs for all customers.

And that doesn’t account for other financial benefits from EVs, including much less money and time spent at the pump and lower maintenance costs. EVs are a win for our community, our economy and for clean air, which is why Utah Clean Energy is working to accelerate EV adoption here in Utah. Note: The writer works for Utah Clean Energy.

Josh Craft

Salt Lake City