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The traditional Utah and Mormon meal made headlines on Wednesday nationwide after people noticed Walmart ads selling the product.

Sorry, Utah, but the internet just doesn’t understand funeral potatoes.

The traditional Utah and Mormon side dish made headlines Wednesday after people noticed Walmart ads selling the product nationwide.

Walmart’s ads show off funeral potatoes made by Augason Farms, which is based in Salt Lake City and bills itself as a leader in emergency food storage and survival gear, according to

Social media immediately responded with questions about the Utah staple.

The pop culture and internet news website HelloGiggles even asked what funeral potatoes are in its headline on the trend.

“Hold up, hold up, you say. What in the ultimate heck are funeral potatoes?” the headline read.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, recipes for funeral potatoes first appeared in the LDS Church Relief Society cookbooks in the early 20th century.

In fact, the potato-and-cheese dish has become widely known in Utah and Mormon communities.

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Funeral potatoes inspired a pin at the 2002 Winter Olympics, too, and have become their own recipe contest category at the Utah State Fair, KSL-TV reported.

Funeral potatoes can be used for pretty much any occasion, whether it’s a funeral, parties or a good snack, as well.

“So fear not, Facebook users. Walmart is not sending you an omen that the end is near,” according to HelloGiggles. “They’re simply trying to spread the good word of good food. And to that, we say thank you, Walmart. We will be in to buy a truckload of potatoes and cheese in the very near future.”