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BYU Speeches recently published an interview with Renée Elise Goldsberry about her faith.

Broadway star Renée Elise Goldsberry is well known for her Tony Award-winning performance as Angelica Schuyler in “Hamilton,” but what she wants people to know is that her achievements are just a means to an end: “Being a light in this world, really for Him.”

“To take credit for the things I’ve gotten to do is useless,” Goldsberry recently told BYU Speeches. “It’s just by the grace of God that I ever had those opportunities.”

In a blog post published on March 22, BYU Speeches published an interview with Goldsberry, who performed at a concert at Brigham Young University in September 2017. Goldsberry discussed her faith and the gratitude she feels for God’s power and comfort in her life.

Goldsberry has identified as a Christian since she was young. When asked why her faith is important to her, she said, “‘Important’ isn’t really a word that can contain my faith. … My faith is the creator, the creation of me, the purpose of everything.”

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Though she said she struggles to find time to meditate and pray, she feels God’s presence and that his “divine design” is leading her where he wants her to go. She enjoys being surrounded by the diversity of people in the theater world through whom she can see God’s light.

Goldsberry strives to show her beliefs in the way she performs by asking herself what message she is portraying.

“We are all on the journey to figure that out,” she said. “I’m grateful I’m doing the dance and in the struggle. That is the way forward. We can’t not live, we can’t not try, we can’t not be a light in places that might seem dark.”

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