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I am a cancer survivor, and my health coverage is my lifeline. I’m calling on Utah’s members of Congress to oppose a rule proposed by U.S. Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar that threatens access to affordable and adequate health coverage. The rule would extend the availability of short-term health plans, lengthening the time they are available without requiring them to comply with critical patient protections.

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I’m a volunteer with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, and this is a problem for me as well as cancer patients and survivors nationwide, not to mention anyone at risk of developing this disease. Short-term plans are allowed to deny coverage to those like me who have a history of a cancer diagnosis, and more comprehensive coverage that I need for recommended follow up will likely cost more — a lot more — than plans sold to younger, healthier individuals.

I’m counting on Utah’s members of Congress to urge Azar to stop the flawed short-term plan regulation from moving forward so people like me who live with the fear of their cancer returning can have the peace of mind of knowing if it does, we are covered.

Kristine Ford

Salt Lake City