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Wait just a minute to those Utah Hispanic/Democratic lawmakers mentioned in the Sunday edition story by Dennis Romboy who were blasting President Trump over the proposal of adding "citizen or non-citizen" to the upcoming census. Their rhetoric of "blatant political tampering, racial bias" and whatever else they suggest is way off base.

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We have every right to know how many people living in the U.S. are citizens or not, and I expect our Utah legislators to support that re-addition to our census, which was included for 130 years. Everyone should read the column by Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post, printed in the same Sunday edition, where he clearly states how this information is necessary and does not in any way make for "blatant political tampering, racial bias" or any other excuse those Hispanic/Democratic lawmakers can use. It is past time for all of our Utah citizens to stand up and let our legislators know that we need and want a true census on how many citizens and non-citizens we really have in Utah and in our country.

Larry Harris

Pleasant Grove