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By ignoring the alarming safety problems for both the public and especially officers, arising from stopping vehicles for a simple traffic law violation as cars pass by just a few feet away (at 80+ miles per hour in some cases), the wasting of public funds is a real issue.

The labor cost per ticket alone probably exceeds the revenue, and the percentage of violators cited must be quite low — a clear waste of taxpayer funds. Technological advances have provided a safer, more effective and lower cost solution.

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The benefit of causing safer driving by others is a myth as you see drivers slow down to the speed limit as they pass a traffic stop incident and then speed back up (even more) once they pass.

Why engage our highly trained, skilled and dedicated officers in such dangerous and costly efforts? These dedicated men and women need to be freed up to perform duties only they can do.

The example of Montgomery County, Maryland, referenced by KSL is very enlightening ("KSL Investigates: Is it time to rethink PhotoCop in Utah?" Oct. 30, 2017).

JD McKenzie

West Valley City