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Letter to the editor

I write to Rep. Stewart and Sen. Lee:

I am not asking for our Second Amendment rights to be taken away; I am asking for them to be enforced. Please protect our lives instead of just sending thoughts and prayers after we die.

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When someone hijacks an airplane, the masses agree to stricter TSA regulations, even though terrorists will still find a way if they are evil enough. When someone brings peanut butter to a school and one child has an allergic reaction, peanut butter is prohibited at that school, and the masses agree, too.

Why, then, is there still no added regulation on our access to guns after all the shootings that have occurred in our country? I don't believe the masses would reject better gun regulation.

I think the masses are tired of the minority's deep pockets and excuses. We cannot keep waiting. We are dying every day, and our children are dying every day.

If you want my support in the upcoming election, you will work toward gun reform.

Karianne Jones