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Justin Timberlake will perform at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City on April 12.

SALT LAKE CITY — We thought about trying to avoid saying that music shows are bursting like daffodils and crocus across the state this month, but why fight a good (OK, bad) simile when the season hands it to you on a spring green platter? We've put together a list of 21 musical acts that should keep music fans busy all month, with shows ranging from pop to country to Americana to reggae jam fusion (you'll see).

Please note that this list is not all-inclusive.

April 3 — Jake Bugg

Citing Don McLean, Oasis and Donovan as a few of his major influences, 24-year-old Jake Bugg has developed a unique soulful sound of his own since emerging on the music scene in 2012. The folk/rock musician from Nottingham, England, gained a stronger U.S. following in 2014 when he opened for the West Coast portion of The Black Keys’ 2014 tour. In fact, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys helped produce Bugg’s latest album, “Hearts that Strain,” which was released last year. Bugg will travel across the pond to perform at Salt Lake City’s The State Room on April 3.


April 3 — Liza Anne

“Growing up, people would always say I was too happy to be depressed, or too social to have anxiety,” said folk singer Liza Anne Odachowski, better known by her stage name Liza Anne, on Kilby Court’s website. “In their eyes, because I was one thing, I couldn’t also be something else. I think we all exist in duality, though. I can be everything and nothing all at once.”

This philosophy is the essence of Liza Anne’s latest album, “Fine But Dying,” which the singer from Georgia released last month. Liza Anne performs at Kilby Court on April 3.


April 5 — Peter Frampton

If you’re wanting to get your weekend festivities started a little bit earlier this week, let us “show you the way” to the Capitol Theatre on April 5, where legendary rocker Peter Frampton will perform hits from his career spanning 50 years. Frampton, who broke through in the 1970s with hits such as “Baby, I Love Your Way” and “Show Me The Way” — Frampton really likes his “ways” — became a member of the Musicians Hall of Fame in 2014. Come listen to the classic rock radio staple in person Thursday night.

April 6 — Toby Keith

It’s been 25 years since country music superstar Toby Keith released “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” and Keith is letting the Beehive State in on the celebration when he brings his show to Vivint Arena on April 6. Although Keith has contributed many hits to country music’s repertoire, such as “How Do You Like Me Now” and “As Good As I Once Was,” one of Keith’s greatest contributions is “Beer For My Horses,” his classic duet with Willie Nelson. Joining Keith on tour is special guest Ned LeDoux, the son of country singer-songwriter and rodeo champion Chris LeDoux, who died in 2005.


April 6-7 — Tom Petty Tributes

It’s been six months since rocker Tom Petty died at 66 after suffering cardiac arrest, but his legacy lives on through his music and large range of hits, including “Free Fallin’,” “Refugee” and “I Won’t Back Down.” Utahs will have three chances to hear two Petty tribute bands in two days this month. April 6th will see the San Francisco-based group Petty Theft at Park City’s O.P. Rockwell — with a performance the following night at Salt Lake City’s The State Room — and Royal Bliss performing Petty's hits at The Depot.

April 6 — Durand Jones and the Indications

If you thought the classic R&B/soul sound of the 1960s was dead, Durand Jones and the Indications, an up-and-coming Indiana-based band, will make you think again.

“My grandma always heard me singing at home, and she said, ‘I’m gonna put your (behind) in the youth choir,’” reflects Durand Jones on the band’s website. “I was reluctant. But one day the organist could hear me in the choir, and said ‘Boy I’m gonna give you a song.’ So I sang the song … the whole church just flipped out. People were running and jumping and afterwards they were giving me money and stuff. Man, it was really cool. That’s when the realization came that maybe I could make something of this.”

Durand Jones and the Indications will perform at The State Room on April 6.


April 7 — OK Go

Although OK Go probably won’t be performing on a group of motorized treadmills at their Park City concert on April 7, the pop-rock band is bound to present a show infused with creativity — other music videos show the band donning color-splattered suits, singing along to a Rube Goldberg contraption, performing in a marching band and building a pyramid out of buckets. OK Go, which began winning fans over in the mid-2000s, will perform at the Eccles Center Theaterin Park City.

April 10 — Echosmith

If you wish that you could be like the cool kids, you might consider checking out the Echosmith concert on April 10 at The Depot. The indie-pop band that formed in 2009 is best known for the hit song “Cool Kids,” which has 95 million views on YouTube. The band currently consists of a trio of siblings, and its second full-length album is set to be released later this year.


April 10 — I’m With Her

Today, the phrase “I’m With Her” is associated with Hillary Clinton, but Aoife O’Donovan, Sara Watkins and Sarah Jarosz had been playing together under that name for 18 months before Clinton took it for her campaign slogan, according to The Guardian.

“I’m sure it’ll be a turn-off for some people,” Watkins told The Guardian. “But that’s not what the band is about — we’re not making a political statement. It’s a celebration of each other. It’s camaraderie.”

Before forming the folk-pop trio, members of I’m With Her had their own strong, solo careers, but together, the trio creates music that thrives on intricate harmonies. I’m With Her, which released its debut LP earlier this year, performs at The State Room on April 10. The show is sold out, but there might be a shot at tickets through the fan-to-fan ticket exchange Lyte, which can be accessed through the State Room's website.


April 11 — Postmodern Jukebox

Have you ever wondered what Justin Bieber's “Love Yourself” would sound like if it had been written in the 1920s? Or if a jazzy rendition of Guns and Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine” could ever be as good and rockin’ as the original? The good news is that Postmodern Jukebox has pondered — and answered! — these pressing questions. Known for its reworking of popular, modern songs into a variety of vintage genres, Postmodern Jukebox, created by pianist and arranger Scott Bradlee, will bring its unique musical twists and dynamic show to The Depot on April 11.

April 11 — Dashboard Confessional

While we can’t be certain that Utah is Dashboard Confessional’s favorite state, the emo rock band is giving us good reason to believe that to be the case. Just four months ago, Dashboard Confessional performed at Salt Lake City’s The Complex, and the band that had its heyday in the early 2000s is returning once more to the venue on April 11 with Chris Carrabba at the helm. Dashboard Confessional released its latest album — and first album in nine years — “Crooked Shadows” in February.

April 12 — Justin Timberlake

It’s been a busy year for pop star Justin Timberlake. On Feb. 2, the singer released his fifth album, titled “Man of the Woods.” Two days later, Timberlake performed for the Super Bowl’s halftime show. Now, he’s making his way to Salt Lake City’s Vivint Arena, where he will perform on April 12. This latest album provides a glimpse into Timberlake’s life as father and carries deep meaning for the performer, according to an interview with The Huffington Post.

“This album is really inspired by my son, my wife, my family, but more so than any other album I’ve ever written, where I’m from, and it’s personal,” he said.

April 13 — Judas Priest

Judas Priest produced its first record in 1974, and more than 40 years later, the English heavy metal band shows no signs of slowing down. Although the band’s lineup has changed over the years, Judas Priest has consistently created music, with 18 studio albums to its name — the latest album, “Firepower,” released just last month. Judas Priest is currently touring in support of that album and will perform at Vivint Arena onApril 13. What better way to spend a Friday the 13th?

April 13-14 — Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels

Is the name Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels familiar to you? How about the classic rock medley featuring “Devil With a Blue Dress On” and “Good Golly Miss Molly?” If the latter triggers your memory, you might want to head to Park City’s Egyptian Theatre April 13-14, where the Motown/rock band that got its start in the ‘60s and produced this monster hit will perform.

April 14 — The Lettermen

The pop vocal trio known as The Lettermen has been around since the late 1950s, and while members of the group have come and gone over the years, the trio has continued strong and is set to bring its wide range of songs to Tuacahn Amphitheatre on April 14.

April 16 — Kate Nash

English singer-songwriter Kate Nash rose to popularity in 2007 with her hit song “Foundations,” which now has 15 million views on YouTube. The indie/pop singer released her fourth album, “Yesterday Was Forever,” last month and is on tour in support of that album. Nash will perform at The Depot on April 16.

April 18 — Kiefer Sutherland

Jack Bauer has gone Americana. OK, so it’s not really the federal agent from the TV show “24” that’s gone Americana, but the man behind that hardened character, Keifer Sutherland, has broken into the music industry. Sutherland began exploring a career outside of acting in the 2000s/2010s and in 2016, released his debut record “Down in a Hole.” Sutherland performs at Park City Live on April 18.


April 19 — Dwight Yoakam

When Dwight Yoakam arrived in Nashville in the late 1970s, he found the country music scene there to be at odds with the kind of music he loved and performed, often referred to as “honky tonk” music. Yoakam found a more receptive audience in Los Angeles and in 1986, released his first album, “Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc.,” which included a cover of Johnny Horton’s “Honky Tonk Man.” Yoakam will perform at Tuacahn Amphitheatre, but don’t worry if you’re unable to see him this time around, as you can catch Yoakam at the Tooele County Fairgrounds on July 27.

April 21 — Brian Wilson

If you’re wanting to have a “fun, fun, fun” weekend, take a trip down to St. George to see The Beach Boys founder and member Brian Wilson, joined by Wilson’s fellow Beach Boys member Al Jardine. Although Wilson is most associated with his career as one of the Beach Boys, the singer has also produced a lengthy solo career, with 11 albums to date. Wilson, 75, brings his greatest hits to Tuacahn Amphitheatre on April 21.

April 24 — Roots of Creation

If your musical tastes happen to run the gamut, say from reggae beats to the psychedelic rock and rootsy Americana feel of The Grateful Dead, then you’re in for a treat. Roots of Creation, a reggae jam fusion band, has created a cover album titled “Grateful Dub: A Reggae infused tribute to the Grateful Dead.” The band is touring in support of this album, which was released last month, and will bring its music to Elevate nightclub in Salt Lake City on April 24.

April 27-28 — David Archuleta

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David Archuleta might’ve gained a large following in 2008 when he became the runner-up on season seven of “American Idol,” but the 27-year-old singer from Murray continues to perform frequently for fans in his home state. Following the release last year of his sixth album, “Postcards in the Sky,” Archuleta performed at Salt Lake City’s Abravanel Hall — the very place he announced his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2011. Archuleta is set to perform again in the Beehive State, this time at Tuacahn Amphitheatre on April 27-28.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Tuacahn Amphitheatre is in St. George. It is in Ivins.