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Elder Massimo De Feo, General Authority Seventy

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is centered on the love of the Father and the Savior and our love for them and for one another,” said Elder Massimo De Feo, General Authority Seventy, during the Sunday morning session of general conference on April 1.

Speaking on what it means to be a true disciple of Christ, Elder De Feo said, “Being the foundation stone of our daily life, pure love is a requirement for every true disciple of Jesus Christ.”

He said true disciples love the Lord more than the world and are steadfast and immovable in their faith. "True disciples love to listen to the voice of the Spirit and of the prophets, and are not confused by the voice of the world. [They] love to stand in holy places and love to make holy the places where they stand."

And there are a few attributes that accompany the idea of pure love as Elder De Feo explained it.

Learning to serve, forgive, submit ourselves to the Lord, remain steadfast and immoveable in our faith, listen to the Spirit and the voice of the prophets, stand in holy places, and obey the commandments of the Lord are all key parts of becoming true disciples, Elder De Feo explained. Through such acts of humility and love for the Savior, we can come to understand what pure love really is.

Sharing an example of his mother, Elder De Feo explained how he recognized the pure love she had for him when she prayed for him and his well being, even while she suffered in great pain from cancer.

“How can someone who is in such great pain, pray for someone else?” Elder De Feo questioned. “Then, the answer came clearly to my mind: Pure love. … She loved me more than herself.”

That type of love is the same love that our Savior has for each of us, Elder De Feo said, speaking of the suffering Christ experienced in the Garden of Gethsemane.

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“He was the one who needed help, suffering in a way that we cannot even imagine or comprehend but, in the end, He forgot about Himself and prayed for us until He paid the full price,” Elder De Feo said. “He loved the Father and us more than Himself.”

Trusting in the Atonement and recognizing the pure love that Christ has for each of us is key to becoming a true disciple, and recognizing that forgiveness can be difficult at times, Elder De Feo said, “If you are struggling to find the strength to forgive … think of what the Lord has done for you, and you will find peace in the redemptive blessings of His Atonement.”

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of love,” he said, concluding that Christ is the ultimate example of pure love.