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Letter to the editor

There is a problematic issue for those of us insistent in following the dynamics of the Trump era.

If you follow MSNBC or CNN religiously, it seems as if "breaking news" happens hourly. This is not just because the media persist in bringing us news with regularity. It is President Trump’s antics, tweets and firings that are always worthy of comment and analysis. They leave us with a deep sense of incredulity.

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The disturbing reality is that for those of us with a sense of antipathy toward our current administration there is little we can do to counteract the noxious atmosphere in our nation’s capital. The civil rights movement, the anti-nuclear movement, the protests against the Vietnam War seem antiquated and irrelevant. It is hard to envision a meaningful and efficacious protest to Trump’s machinations. We can sign petitions, act to get out the vote, speak out publicly, but the insistence of the nefarious nature of Donald Trump is intense.

He has been able so far to trump our efforts at reclaiming our democracy.

Louis Borgenicht

Salt Lake City