Weber County jail
Pitshou Yunga Kafuku, 35, faces federal fraud charges for allegedly making fake IDs and possessing $50K in counterfeit cash.

SALT LAKE CITY — A stolen vehicle investigation led police to a Salt Lake apartment where they found $50,000 in counterfeit money, fake Social Security and identification cards, and a handgun.

All of the fraudulent IDs from various states had a photo of Pitshou Yunga Kafuku, 35, on them, according to court documents. He now faces various federal fraud charges.

Police also found a credit card embossing machine, credit card reader, equipment to make fake IDs, 10 credit cards with limits up to $35,000 and blank checks. They also found personal identifications for people in Utah, Nevada and Texas, court documents say.

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In addition, police found receipts for wire transfers of money to the Congo and the Dominican Republic, according to court documents.

Kafuku was charged Thursday in U.S. District Court with one count each of producing false identification documents, possession with intent to use five or more documents and possession of device-making equipment, and two counts each of aggravated identity theft and possession of counterfeit security of an organization.

Kafuku is being held in the Weber County Jail. A two-day jury trial is scheduled for June 1.