Deseret News
Letter to the editor

While I respect the students across the nation for marching against school shootings, I feel they are taking the wrong approach. The solution to school shootings lies at their doorstep. So many of the shooters are young people who have been marginalized and bullied by their peers at school. If the marchers really want to take action, they need to make sure that all of their classmates feel included, and all of them need to stand up against bullying.

Nurture and notice. Nurture those who appear to be ignored, and notice those who could be possible threats. You can ban assault rifles and have march after march, but it won't stop the anger and feelings of betrayal that cause a young person to want to kill other students. Marches may even encourage a shooting, as perpetrators may see it as a way to get the notoriety and attention they so desperately crave.

Jim Ivie