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In another shameful display of political cowardice, our Congress has just passed a $1.3 trillion budget bill, signed by our “drain the swamp” president, which significantly adds to our exploding national debt. Of course this so-called budget makes no attempt to slow or reform entitlement programs, which are the primary drivers of our debt problem.

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Meanwhile, young students across the nation have taken to the streets and airways to protest gun violence with the fawning endorsement of school administrators and the media. If school kids had the wisdom to match their passion, they would suspend their campaign for gun control and focus their ire on the profligate politicians who are systematically plundering future generations. A minuscule number of students are shot in our schools annually, but all school kids and even their children will bear the burden of the monetary malfeasance of today’s leaders.

If students began disrupting classes to protest runaway federal spending, it would be interesting to see how indulgent their teachers and principals would be and how quickly the media would turn on these young “heroes.”

Steve Fillerup

Elk Ridge