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Utah skier Tom Wallisch makes a city in Canada his own personal ski course in the short film "Imagination."

SALT LAKE CITY — DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince were right: Parents just don’t understand.

“Imagination,” a short film by Dave Mossop and the Canadian production company Sherpas Cinema, was shown at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Banff, Alberta, and was brought to Utah locations in February for the festival’s “best of” tour. For skiers, parkour enthusiasts and general daydreamers, “Imagination” is five minutes of bliss.

It’s also a reminder to not be such an adult all the time.

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The film features an old wood-paneled SUV driving through the snowy streets of Nelson, British Columbia, as two adults blabber on about mind-numbing adult stuff in the front seat. Meanwhile, in the back seat, a bored child begins imagining a skier gliding along the rooftops and sidewalks. To his surprise, his imaginings come to life — in the form of professional free skier and Salt Lake City resident Tom Wallisch. The backing music, “Because I'm Me” by the fittingly named The Avalanches, brings the whole thing together.

Wallisch turns the Nelson streets into his own personal ski course. Suffice to say, you’ve probably never seen skiing quite like this before.

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