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North Tooele Fire District
Firefighters rescued seven wet kittens from a fire in Erda on Saturday, March 24, 2018.

ERDA, Tooele County — After first responders put out a barn fire in Erda on Saturday, firefighter Nate Jones heard the sound of kittens crying.

He investigated and found seven wet kittens inside a shed who were "pretty vocal looking for their mom," said North Tooele Fire District spokesman Ryan Willden.

Firefighters from that district and the Grantsville Fire Department responded around 12:30 p.m. to a fire that had burned several buildings on the property, according to Willden.

The property owner, who was doing construction after his home had been demolished, was using a small stove or smoker to clean up the property when the fire got away from him, he said.

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Firefighters think the owner may not have known that the kittens were in the shed, which had been on fire. When Jones found the kittens, they were safe but wet from the fire hose, Willden said.

"Luckily our firefighter was listening, and heard them, and was able to get those kittens to safety," he said.

Firefighters moved the kittens to the ambulance on scene and kept them warm until a deputy took them to the Tooele Veterinary Clinic, he added.

Unfortunately, the kittens had to be euthanized later Saturday because they "weren't going to make it," according to a worker at the clinic.