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SALT LAKE CITY — President Russell M. Nelson will visit Israel, India, Kenya and five other countries on a "global ministry tour" next month, the LDS Church announced Friday.

The trip is scheduled to start about 10 days after millions of Mormons sustain President Nelson, 93, as the 17th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a solemn assembly next week at the faith's international general conference.

President Nelson and his wife, Sister Wendy Watson Nelson, will be joined by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife, Sister Patricia Holland. The contingent will depart April 10 and return April 23. The tour's other stops are in London, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Hong Kong and Hawaii.

Church members already have started to look forward to his visit.

"I feel like my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have a special message for me," said Sumalatha Komalpati, a stake family history consultant in Bengaluru, India, where the tour will stop. "He loves me so much that he wants to make sure I feel all right. He sent his prophet to meet me to ensure I am doing fine."

Several of the stops are in places where the church is expanding, like Bengaluru. The number of LDS stakes in India has grown from one to four since 2011. A stake is a geographic concentrations of congregations. The six congregations in Bengaluru became a stake in 2015. India now has 13,000 Mormons.

Three tour stops also are in cities where church leaders have announced future temples — Nairobi, Kenya; Harare, Zimbabwe; and Bangkok, Thailand.

President Nelson will meet with members and missionaries and make other visits at each stop.

Their first meeting will be in London on April 12. It will be broadcast to church meetinghouses throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

On April 14, President Nelson and Elder Holland will hold a conference in Israel, where the church has four congregations and the BYU Jerusalem Center.

The group then will travel to Kenya for a meeting to be broadcast throughout the country, which has 13,000 Mormons, on April 16, and do the same on April 17 in Zimbabwe, with its 30,000 church members.

They will hold meetings with members in Bengaluru, India, on April 19, in Bangkok on April 20 and Hong Kong on April 21, followed by a meeting on April 22 on the campus of BYU-Hawaii in Laie.

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The nearest temple to members in Thailand and India is Hong Kong, a distance of 1,070 miles from Bangkok and more than 2,400 miles from Bengaluru.

The church released an artistic rendering of the Bangkok Temple on Monday.

"The Bangkok Temple will be a blessing to all the people of this area," President Nelson said in a news release. "It will be a symbol of faith to tens of thousands of members of the church throughout the region and their commitment to follow Jesus Christ. It will also stand as a reminder that God loves and cares for all of His children. All we do in the church points to the Lord and His holy house."