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Lauren Hardman was featured in the New York Times after planning her wedding in five days.

It is not uncommon for Utah couples to have shorter engagements than the rest of the nation, although they aren’t normally a mere five days long.

The Knot, a wedding-focused website, reported that Utah couples are engaged for an average of 10.5 months, compared with the rest of the nation’s couples who are engaged for an average of 14 months.

Last year, one LDS bride planned her wedding in just five days, according to an article she wrote for The New York Times.

Emily Hardman, a graduate from the J. Reuben Clark Law School, decided to skip the process of planning her wedding and instead chose the bare minimum. She opted out of flowers and chose basic foods. Her mom even sewed her dress. Compared to other brides, who often spend extra money on additional features such as videographers, Snapchat filters, and photo booths for their weddings, Hardman is an anomaly.

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With so little time, Hardman had to prioritize. “With each social expectation for weddings,” she wrote in the New York Times article, “I asked myself: 'Does this achieve the goal of making the people at my wedding feel loved and appreciated for the role they play in my life? Will it help strengthen my marriage and the promises we made to each other?' If the answer was no, I didn’t waste any more time.”

Hardman now lives with her husband in Castro Valley, California, according to The New York Times.

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