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Letters to the Editor

So we have an opioid epidemic here in Utah, as well as the rest of the good ol' USA. Heck, yeah, let's just keep prescribing opioids; forget about chiropractors and natural alternatives. HELLO ... I don't get why some insurances, including Medicaid, won't cover chiropractic care, advanced health care and natural healing. Yet they are willing to pay millions of dollars for all those addicting painkillers ... which cost a lot more than the alternatives. Then they wonder why we have an opioid epidemic. Knock on wood ... it would be so much cheaper to cover alternative solutions for pain treatment. Let's get rid of the opioid epidemic by offering those things to those who would much rather use healthy alternatives. Why is that so hard for insurance companies to understand? AND it would reduce side effects immensely.

Kay Lynn Peterson

Washington, Utah