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Much has been made of a bill in the recent session of the Legislature that would have renamed a Utah state highway in southern Utah for President Trump. Rather, I suggest we honor those who have put their lives on the line in defense of freedom and whose contributions to our nation have weathered the test of time. Such acts of heroism are worthy of our notice and deserve our recognition.

One such group is the Navajo Code Talkers, many of whom were from southeastern Utah. At a critical time in World War II when we were fighting for the survival of freedom throughout the world, their contribution became invaluable. The fact that local U.S. commanders had a secure method to quickly communicate around the battlefield using the code talkers speaking in their native language won many battles for us in the Pacific and saved many American lives.

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Therefore, given that the valuable contribution of the Navajo Code Talkers in defense of freedom richly deserves to be remembered, I suggest a highway in southeastern Utah be named the "Navajo Code Talkers Memorial Highway" in honor of their service. Most of these veterans quietly transitioned into anonymity after the war and have now passed on. I believe it is past time that we honor them and give them the recognition that is rightfully theirs.

Richard Snelgrove

Salt Lake County Council At-large