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According to Ralph Dellapiana, the death penalty should be abolished because it costs millions of dollars to uphold and life without parole is cheaper. In return, that money could be spent on improving other issues. However, I think it’s worth the price.

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For example, in 2015, Dylann Roof opened fire on African-Americans in church. He showed no remorse during the entirety of his trial and felt justified in his actions. Appropriately, he was sentenced to death. Maybe the number of mass shootings would decrease if perpetrators were executed instead of pleading mentally ill.

My father is incarcerated, therefore, I know they eat good, watch movies, have visitors, etc. To give these criminals the luxury of having a life in prison amounts to granting them clemency for the inhumane acts of violence they have committed.

Alexa Harcourt

Fayetteville, Arkansas