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I was touched by how many school kids walked out last week to prove that they want change.

I have to wonder how many of them are going to be nice to those that sit by themselves day after day, or how many of them will stop bullying others on the internet and on social media? How many of them will change the things that fill their minds and hearts with such violences and hatred, the movies and video games?

Will any of you youth who want to make a point so badly and let people know that you don't want to be scared when you go to school decide you don't ever want to hear about more violence?

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How many of you are willing to change yourself? How many of you will be kinder and stop making others feel less than they are, because you don't hang out with them? There are things we can do. Every school shooter felt the same way about himself. He was bullied, he was mistreated,he suffered from depression.

I would like to join your march, but only if you kids realize that there is something you can do every day at school, every weekend. Invite others to whatever you're doing, help make everyone feel like they matter. Then and only then will we see this horrible violence decline.

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake