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Why would the wise state of Utah put forth a bill that would cost taxpayers money for no apparent reason? I pay my taxes, I ride UTA. Just because they change the name at the state level doesn't mean I'm going to stop referring to it as UTA.

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Take the Vivint Arena as an example. When I say Delta Center, you certainly know what I'm referring to. Anyone over 20 will likely respond to a question of "Do you know where the Delta Center is?" Changing the name of Utah Transit Authority to Transit District of Utah does nothing to change the reputation or awareness about the company.

If you want to change the reporting structure, fine. If you want to reorganize the entire company, fine. But don't waste my tax dollars to rename a company that doesn't need it.

If you need to spend money, let's put everyone with a mortgage into a drawing and pay off their loans (keep drawing until we run out of money). Why do our elected officials keep looking for ways to spend money on trivial things?

Dave Maughan