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I was born in Vernal but moved away when my family followed the boom of the oilfield. When I moved back to Vernal in 2016, I was told by a prominent member of society that people don’t care about things if they have a lot of them, and since Utah has a lot of children, there is little value placed on our children. As a mother, this is disturbing.

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With the Duchesne shooter scare and the shooting in Florida on Valentine’s Day, I am concerned about our children’s safety. Currently, all of the schools leave their front door unlocked during school hours. I believe that the first step in making sure that our children are safe is by locking the school doors while school is in session. If our county has the money to put a stop light at the White Rocks turnoff, our county should have the money to install the proper equipment at schools to make sure that our children are safe.

Please let us band together as a community and prove that we do care about our children and that we do value their safety. Please write your representatives, show up to city council meetings and make your voice heard. Sometimes we feel like, as an individual, we have no power. But if we band together as a community, we can make real change happen. We can make a difference.

Megan Brown