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Bryce Harper helped with a special surprise announcement for one couple during a recent spring training game to headline this week's Mormon Mentions.

Mormon MLB player Bryce Harper helped a woman with a surprise baby announcement for her husband while football player Tanner McKee received his mission call in this week’s Mormon Mentions. Mormon Channel also released a new Mormon Message you don’t want to miss.

During a recent spring training game, Harper helped one man’s wife tell him she is pregnant. This man is a huge fan of Harper and said he now feels like the luckiest man alive and “beyond words with happiness,” he wrote on his Twitter account. “That was one of the cooler things I’ve ever done,” Harper tweeted. To read more about this story, go to MLB.com.

McKee, elite LDS quarterback and Stanford football commit, received his mission call and will be leaving for the Brazil Curitiba South Mission on July 10.

Reno Mahe’s oldest son Jeff also received his mission call. He’ll be going to Santiago, Chile.

Alex Boye described a recent experience on Facebook about being in a car accident. He believes it was the car he was driving that probably saved his life. “Looking back from (the) ambulance and seeing the extent of damage the car was in, it got me thinking I was glad to be alive and could have easily been SO much worse,” he wrote.

2 days ago, I got into a car crash. All I remember is dizzying out and then the ambulance taking me to the hospital. I...

Posted by Alex Boye' on Friday, March 9, 2018

Claire Crosby posted a picture from the set of "Anastasia." She will be playing a small role in the live action movie and is excited she will be singing. The movie will be released later this year.

Mormon Channel released a new video called “Spiritual Dynamite.” The video starts out talking about how dynamite is created, an analogy then related to combining family history with the temple to create a greater spiritual power. ‘When we combine our family history work with temple blessings for them, we’ll enjoy a power that can move mountains in their lives and in ours,” the video says. Elder Dale G. Renlund testifies of the promised blessings that come from family history and temple work.

LDS Youth shared two new videos about the Restoration and the prophet Joseph Smith based on a talk by Elder Craig C. Christensen in October 2016. In the video below, a few youths share their thoughts about the First Vision and how it has strengthened their testimony. “It really all comes back to one 14-year-old boy’s question that he had. Because of that I knew I needed to ask. I knew I needed to find out, is this true?” one girl says in the video. “I know if they pray about it, they will (know).”

In this new “How To” video from LDS.org, one mom talks about how parents can help children who struggle to fit in. When her special needs daughter wasn’t invited to her friend’s birthday party, she was frustrated but learned to take it as a teaching moment. She shares five ways to help in difficult situations of acceptance.

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The Facebook account of President Russell M. Nelson posted about the day we will present ourselves before the Savior and the gratitude we will express for all he has done for us. “But you don’t have to wait until then,” he posted. “Choose to be one of His true followers now. Be one who truly loves Him, who truly wants to serve and lead as He did.”

Jesus Christ our Master is our ultimate Mentor. One day He will rule and reign as the Millennial Messiah. Until then,...

Posted by Russell M Nelson on Sunday, March 11, 2018

Elder Dallin H. Oaks’ Facebook account shared thoughts this week about women and education in light of the experience of his mother. A woman shouldn’t need to choose between family and career; “Women can have both,” he wrote. “The question is timing in the individual circumstances.”

Recently I was asked the following question: "The Church's current emphasis on women receiving education is causing me a...

Posted by Dallin H Oaks on Thursday, March 15, 2018