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I find it interesting that pseudoephedrine, an allergy medication, is purchased from “behind the counter” and is limited to how many tablets are purchased monthly. This was part of the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005. In contrast, opiates are only limited by the prescriber. Certain pharmacies and insurance companies are starting to implement a limit.

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Meanwhile, state lawmakers advanced a resolution, HJR 12, requesting the attorney general to directly file a lawsuit against manufacturers who make prescription opioids. The lawmakers claim that these manufacturers need to be held accountable for the “destruction and devastation they have inflicted upon the citizens of the state" (Deseret News, Feb. 21). The lawsuit may be joined with other states but would give some leverage to directly file at a later time and would result in the state getting more money. This leads me to ask, Is it really about finding a solution, or is it about the money?

Opioids have been manufactured to improve the quality of life. Most people throughout their lifetime have used opioids for some type of pain management. Opioid addiction is a complicated issue. Society needs to come together to understand and create solutions to this complex problem.

Desree Allred