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Letter to the editor

I was sitting in a committee meeting at the Capitol last week to make a comment about the homeless bill.

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The comment I wanted to make is that I felt more money should go to homelessness in Salt Lake City than the other cities that the state was proposing to fund in the bill. Three of us raised our hands and said we wanted to comment. The other two were lobbyists. I represent myself as a mother and grandmother. The other two were able to comment; I was not. Sen. Howard Stephenson stated that there wasn't enough time. I thought that anyone who wanted to comment on bills was entitled to at least two minutes. The committee discussing the gun control bill went an hour over its allotted time. It seems that those who wanted to make comments at that committee meeting were allowed to.

Is the reason I was not given any time because I am not as important as lobbyists or those representing other organizations? I am not being paid. I just wanted to give my opinion.

Dorothy Bradford