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The proposed gas tax hike topic just stuck with me as I completed taxes for the year, realizing that over 75 percent of my property taxes pay for public education. There are certain institutional belief systems here, as well as other lifestyles that promote multiple offspring as their form of happiness. Some belong to organizations that give their yearly income a break due to charitable donations and another federal tax break for having multiple children. Those of us that haven't chosen that path do not get either tax break but are expected to pay for those that do.

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I am all for children learning and willing to pay my "fair share." Those that have X amount of children should pay for each child to attend public school, or that money should be deducted out of their state tax or federal refunds. It's simple, but not a popular idea. Politicians should hold those accountable that are overburdening the system. It's "pay to play." If you can't afford them, don't have them, and don't expect us that choose a different path to happiness to pay so that we cannot use our own hard-earned money for our own pursuits.

Mike Ramirez

West Jordan