Deseret News, Mark Wetzel
Notes taped to doors of homes in West Bountiful told residents of a refinery fire that left oil residue on homes and cars nearby. HollyFrontier said it was arranging for cleanup crews to help people lift the substance from cars, homes and other property.

BOUNTIFUL — An overnight fire at a West Bountiful refinery deposited a thin layer of oil on cars, homes and an elementary-school playground nearby Tuesday morning.

Crews doused the HollyFrontier Refinery blaze within a half-hour early Tuesday morning, said spokeswoman Cindy Gubler, but the company was helping the school clean up throughout the day. Gubler said the slick film was messy but not dangerous.

Students at West Bountiful Elementary stayed inside for recess Tuesday as crews power-washed playground equipment and the school lawn, said Davis School District spokesman Chris Williams.

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Administrators notified parents in an email, Williams said. He said he didn't know if any children had played on slides and other equipment before school.

The playground and grass were expected to be clean in time for school Wednesday.

Notes with the company's letterhead appeared on doors in the neighborhood Tuesday, saying "Some residents north of the refinery in the surrounding neighborhood may notice a light misting of oil on hard surfaces."

The notes said the company had arranged for local crews to help clean cars, houses and other property, and included a number for people to call.