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When are we going to address the real problem that has caused school shootings? We dehumanize those we disagree with, devalue human life, glorify violence, promote immorality and attack the family. Video games are now common where the goal is to accumulate the highest body count possible. We subject our society to music that says things like “follow the cops back home.” Songs are common in some groups that glorify the gangster life and law-breaking. Movies and TV are loaded with violence and suffering.

I binge watched a cartoon. This cartoon showed the brutality of war — people were massacred, assassinated, blown up, shot, stabbed and decapitated. “The Clone Wars” was intended for very young kids. I know the argument. What about free speech? Is this speech? If so, what is the message? That murdering your fellow man is fun? There are kids being prosecuted for their speech online now in Utah because they threatened violence in school.

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You cannot legally incite violence, so why does the entertainment industry get a free pass? They have done more harm and are more responsible for the violence than anything else. Long ago, my high school had gun clubs, competitive shooting teams, and in the basement, there was an old shooting range. Kids brought guns to school for their sport. Guns were far more available then. So what has changed? Our society. If we are unwilling to discuss and fix the root cause of the violence that plagues our people, we are destined to repeat these shootings.

David Burnham

Salt Lake City