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Dan and Lincoln from "What's Inside?" break open a college scoreboard to get excited for March Madness.

As NCAA March Madness kicks off this week, “What’s Inside?” and The Jurgys are bouncing into the bracket competition. BYUtv’s “Studio C” also makes an appearance in this week’s UTubers with new videos about airport security and renaissance art.

In honor of March Madness, Dan and Lincoln from “What’s Inside?” destroy a college scoreboard and find some unexpected items. The father-and-son duo talk about how to hack a bracket with Adobe Analytics and challenge their fans and followers to a bracket challenge.

Dan and Lincoln take apart a cordless Dyson Vacuum piece by piece to find out how it works in another video released this week. Dyson gave them a challenge to take it apart without destroying it — unlike what they did with the college scoreboard and everything else they break open. Can they do it?

Baby Jurgy is due any day now, and adventure couple Nellie and Bryce Jurgy made a March Madness-style bracket to pick their baby’s name. They’ve received thousands of name suggestions from fans, but only their 64 favorite names could make it in the bracket. Which name will make the final cut?

Airport security might be more selective than you think in this new “Studio C” sketch. One girl gets past airport security with giant hedge clippers and a knife and even gets asked out on a date along the way. Then a young man gets stopped for having “curiously strong” and dangerous mints in his bag. “The scanner is never wrong, sir,” the TSA officer says in the video.

Did you know Michelangelo was once mistaken to be a graffiti artist? Neither did we. Check out another new sketch from "Studio C" to see how Michelangelo transcends disbelief and criticism to paint and sculpt in his “natural” way.

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Watch as Rob Landes loops three instruments — the violin, viola and cello — for a “perfect” cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” in this next video. At the end of the clip, Landes talks about his new custom line of violins and how to order one.

Monica Scott created a video for a medley of “Baptism/When I am Baptized” dedicated to her 8-year-old who recently got baptized. The video features children dressed in white singing in front of the Gilbert Arizona Temple.

In case you’ve been feeling withdrawals from “The Greatest Showman” during the past few weeks, we’ve got another video for you to fill the void. The Piano Gal released a cover of “A Million Dreams” featuring brother-and-sister duo Branson and Maisy.