Deseret News
Letter to the editor

Why did the Legislature and our governor waste their time trying to name a highway? I think we have far more important and pressing issues to deal with. This was purely being done for spite and political statement. Did President Trump have anything to do with building the highway? No. Did he have anything to do with creating the national parks and monuments along the highway? No. Does he represent the people of the state? No, not even half voted for him. Is he looked up to by the rest of the country? No, he has one of the lowest ratings of any president. Does he represent Utah values? No, at least I’ve always thought Utah stood for honesty, integrity, civility, virtue, morality, respecting women and minorities and helping the needy. Mature people don’t do things out of spite. If the name needs to be changed, there are many people who have done far more for Utah than President Trump.

Gary Nichols

West Jordan