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A firearm, a knife, a car, a baseball bat do not hate. They do not love. They do not get angry or seek revenge. They do not jump off the counter or go on a drive to impulsively murder. They are inanimate objects that have to be acted upon by some person who has the ability to have those feelings.

In the last two weeks, I have read some news stories that said the 19-year-old former student in Florida had been bullied in the past or may have had mental issues that caused him to act out and seek revenge. Certainly, those issues are part of the problem, but not the only issues. Where he obtained the idea that killing and wounding a bunch of kids as the way to feel good or get revenge should be closely examined.

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I believe that the constant exposure to the types and amounts of violence we expose ourselves to on TV, in movies and video games has to have an effect on our attitudes of how we handle issues and even desires of some to get revenge.

Remember when we as a society were concerned about the media glamorizing smoking, drinking alcohol and use of drugs in the past? We made changes to the media for us and our children. I believe it’s time to look closely to see if the media is glamorizing violence to the point it is influencing our society, and not in a good way. Maybe it’s time to look at making some additional changes.

Scott Mann