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The Strike was featured in an article by The National; lead singer Chris Crabb talked about the band's Mormon ties and perfectionism in its music.

The Strike’s “pristine recordings” have led to supporting gigs with Kelly Clarkson, Journey and Macy Gray. The American pop group’s music has also been licensed to “Dancing with the Stars” and “America’s Got Talent.”

From Utah to Los Angeles to Dubai, The Strike continues to make a name for itself with professional and high-quality music. In a recent article by The National, Chris Crabb talked about the group’s humble beginnings and its Mormon roots.

Crabb told The National he was raised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and three of the guys in the band are Mormon.

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“Now, Mormon culture is quite musically ambitious, with a lot of piano, violin and singing lessons,” Crabb said in the article. “It is through music and the arts where a lot of Mormons look for creative outlets. I think this is probably where our perfectionism comes from.”

Producer Quincy Jones described The Strike as "the real deal" when announcing the band at Q’s Bar and Lounge in Dubai, according to the article.

“These are the exact types of musicians we need at the forefront, and they know how to do it right,” Jones said.

The Strike released its debut album “Faint of Heart” last year and will be performing in Q’s Bar and Lounge until May 12. The National's entire article can be found here.