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Notices of new and reorganized stakes throughout the world.

New stakes

Three new stakes have been created.

A new stake was created from the American Fork Utah Stake. The American Fork Utah South Stake, which consists of the American Fork 10th, American Fork 16th, American Fork 35th, Harbor 1st, Harbor 2nd, Harbor 3rd, Pacific Drive 1st and Pacific Drive 2nd wards, was created by Elder Adilson de Paula Parrella, General Authority Seventy, and Elder James R. Rasband, an Area Seventy.

A new stake was created from the Asamankese Ghana District. The Asamankese Ghana Stake, which consists of the Adeiso, Anum Apapan, Asene and Yayo branches and the Asamankese 1st, Asamankese 2nd, Asamanketwa, Kade, Oda 1st and Oda 2nd wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah, an Area Seventy.

A new stake was created from the Caldwell Liberia District. The Caldwell Liberia Stake, which consists of the Caldwell and Gulf Community branches and the Barnersville, Caldwell New Georgia, Garnersville, Logan Town 1st, Logan Town 2nd, New Georgia and Upper Caldwell wards, was created by Elder Terence M. Vinson, General Authority Seventy, and Elder John A. Koranteng, an Area Seventy.

AMERICAN FORK UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (Dec. 10, 2017) President — Brian Charles Kane, 64, teacher; wife, Sharolyn Davies Kane. Counselors — Steven B. Vawdrey, 50, salesforce administrator, Twenty Eighty; wife, Jennifer Lynn Carlston Vawdrey. Travis S. Morgan, 49, investment advisor, Cetera Advisor Networks; wife, Chery Winget Morgan.

ASAMANKESE GHANA STAKE: (Dec. 10, 2017) President — Solomon A. Tenadu, 39, teacher; wife, Janet Asabea Kwatiah. Counselors — Richard Adu, 34, key technician, Electoral Commission; Angelique Gomoawa Tawiah Adu. Isaac K. Mensah, 48, product manager; wife, Louisa Bempomaah.

CALDWELL LIBERIA STAKE: (Dec. 10, 2017) President — Dargbe B. Kofa, 39, manager, Liberia revenue Authority; wife, Norina Eyea Kollie-Kofa. Counselors — Daniel A. McCarthy, 42, teacher; wife, Natacher McCarthy. Arthur Gar-Needelee Smith, 69, accountant, ArtMcgill Inc.; wife, Senyeno Nilla Smith.

Reorganized Stakes

TAYLORSVILLE UTAH VALLEY PARK STAKE: (Dec. 10, 2017) President — Wesley Paul Walker, 65, physical therapist; suceeding, Paul R. Schulte; wife, Christine Wieght Walker. Counselors — Ramirez Salomon Cano, 40, systems admin, Deseret First Credit Union; wife, Vanessa Danielle Wirfs Cano. David Moyle VanCott, 35, owner, Landerby’s; wife, Calee Jo Balmforth VanCott.

WINSTON-SALEM NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (Dec. 10, 2017) President — Gregory Alan Scott, 51, lawyer; succeeding, John T. Marsh; wife, Ginger Dee Scott. Counselors — Scott L. Snow, 43; wife, Stephanie Alexis Morgan Snow. Paul Kevin Hiatt, 59, diagnostic radiologist; wife, Christina Beth Smith Hiatt.

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