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I was a little surprised to see the article about Sen. Hatch's comments about Obamacare on March 3. I'm glad he apologized for them, but I wish that people that feel negatively about the bill would research their opinions and concerns.

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I was personally without insurance for close to eight years before the bill was enforced. I was happy to receive insurance and to have ended the barbaric practice of pre-existing conditions and the cancellation of people due to their health. This was so hard for me and my family, especially since my career had been in insurance. I was a volunteer for the bill, and it has helped many people. I also know the downfalls of it, and this is a work in progress. But the main portions of the bill still exist so that people that don't receive insurance in their workplace or because of their health can still receive insurance.

I have great hope for the improvements that need to still come in health insurance. And I'm so glad that Hatch has helped our state and our country in many ways, but I wish he would get better informed on health care.

Kimberly Summers