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Letter to the editor

Congratulations to the courage of the Utah GOP Central Committee for updating the bylaws to require adherence to party rules in order to receive the party’s brand.

Several years ago the federal judge hearing the SB54 case said to the GOP essentially: “I sympathize with your case, but may not be able to strike down this law if I can’t find a Supreme Court precedent to back me up. But even so, you should be able to accomplish the same thing using party membership rules and bylaws.”

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SB54 had its place, but it’s still serious government overreach and a bad law (particularly the Trojan Horse signature route). It’s a blatant attack on the constitutional right of association, and on the right of private political parties to decide their own nominating process.

To the Legislature: No, we don’t need to give the state executive branch further power to micro-manage and harass private political parties. Don’t make a bad law (SB54) worse by doubling down on it.

To GOP Chairman Rob Anderson: Please support your Central Committee, instead of rounding up a posse to fight against them. They’re doing precisely what Judge Nuffer advised them to do.

Gerald Larsen