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Because of our current president, we have lost the moral authority in the world to stand as a beacon for human rights. His incendiary rhetoric against the people of Mexico does nothing but create Nazi-like fear for our immigrants. His rants about Mexico paying for a border wall to keep out illegal immigrants are simply that — rants. Mexico is not going to pay for or build a wall, and with our own $20 trillion deficit we do not need a $20 billion wall.

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There are other, more cost-effective ways to control our border than building a wall. In regards to the 11 million undocumented immigrants, it is un-American, inhumane and morally wrong to separate spouses and children, breaking up families in deportation hysteria. Let’s bring them out of the shadows, give them legal Social Security numbers, perhaps fine them a reasonable amount for breaking the law, but provide a path for them to legally remain.

Americans need to continue our proud tradition of compassion and of being champions of human rights. That’s the kind of America I want for my children and grandchildren. That’s the kind of America I want for your children and grandchildren as well.

Randy Hopkins