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I'm glad that driving an electric car makes France Barral feel good about himself as indicated in his March 2 letter, "No new fee for electric vehicles." However, I would like to pose some questions for him and others opposing the proposed fees for electric cars.

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Does your car create the same wear and tear on the road as a gasoline powered one of equivalent weight? If so, shouldn't you pay your share for the roads? I don't think electric cars should be subsidized on the road cost just because they help to have cleaner air.

Electric cars have already been subsidized by taxpayers when the buyer received a tax credit for the purchase. If all the vehicles on the road were electric and there is no gasoline tax paid, how do you pay for the roads? Perhaps a more equitable way to tax for the cost of roads would be have owners pay by the number of miles driven, recognizing some factor for the vehicle weight. (I know. Paying taxes this way raises another problem for collecting the tax.)

Milo Paskett