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Sen. Dan Hemmert, R-Orem, is proposing to bypass the committee recommendations and pass a bill that would require Medicaid recipients to work. This is very naive and reckless.

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There must be a thousand reasons why people are in need of Medicaid and cannot work. For example, my daughter recently found herself a single mother of three teens and two preteens. Rather than work at fast food, she is back at the university on full scholarship training to become a nurse. She works odd jobs when she can and is in school at least 40 hours a week while caring for her five children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. Obamacare won't insure her because she does not show taxable income, even though she has financial support. They say she must go onto Medicaid. This bill would eliminate her from any medical insurance unless she quits school and gets a menial job.

The legislative system is designed with committees and discussions to slow the passage of quick-fix laws that don't even think about the unanticipated side effects. The poor will always be with us and we are to take care of them. Unfortunately, reactionary and naive politicians will also be with us. Do not even consider this bill.

Roger Wilson