Kimberlee Kruesi, AP
A view of the Idaho Capitol is shown on Monday, Feb. 26, 2018 in Boise, Idaho. Republican lawmakers are currently debating changing how Idaho draws its congressional and legislative districts. (AP Photo/Kimberlee Kruesi)

Boise, Idaho, is America’s fastest-growing city for 2018.

Forbes released its annual list of fastest growing cities, which is based on numbers corralled by Moody’s Analytics, which provides growth rates for the 100 largest cities in the country.

Moody’s bases its numbers on population, employment, wages and home values. These numbers for the new list were based on 2017 growth rates and 2018 projections.

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Boise exceeded all of its expectations. The city of 220,000 people grew by 3.08 percent in 2017. Employment climbed 3.58 percent, which is the second-strongest growth in a city across the U.S.

The city’s wage and economic growth also outpaced the national average, according to Forbes.

Adam Kamins, a senior economist at Moody’s, said Boise "is not necessarily a place you would associate with really robust growth.”

However, "it's got the pieces in place. It's has got the location, it's got low cost, a healthy tech presence," he said.

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